Concert Programme - Listowel Writers' Week

Listowel Writers' Week

The Mountain Ash in Connemara CD

Listowel Arms Hotel Ballroom - 6pm - Thursday 29th May 2014

Concert Programme is available to download here.

Concert Programme



Cara Trant of Listowel Writers’ Week Festival Team


Guest speaker Mark Granier


The Queen of Connemara (instrumental)
RTÉ ConTempo Quartet 
Arrangement by Glen Austin


Poem Homage to Omey
Joan McBreen


She Moved Through the Fair
Noel O‘Grady tenor


She Moved Through the Fair (instrumental)
Arrangement by Glen Austin 


The Iris Garden (instrumental)
Introduced by composer Glen Austin


Poem The Iris Garden
Joan McBreen


This Place we Know (instrumental)
Glen Austin


Poem Poppies In Dominick Street
Joan McBreen


Moya My Girl
Noel O‘Grady


Poem The Mountain Ash
Joan McBreen


Moya My Girl (instrumental) 
Arrangement by Glen Austin




Joan McBreen and all involved in the production of The Mountain Ash in Connemara warmly thank you all.